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15 Awkward Situations You Face if You Look Younger than You are

Raksha Kulkarni Apr 17, 2019
Lines on the face, graying hair, and a matured look remind us of ageing. Having seen life, we start looking older and wiser. But some don't look as old as their age. They show no signs of aging. It may feel good to look younger than one's age, but you face some awkward situations.

Focus on the Bright Side!

We look young and there's a good side to it. We can easily get out of problems with the innocence that our face portrays, we have a chance of surprising others with our maturity, sometimes it's nice to be called "cute", and finally, we are going to look young even when our friends start looking old! So we win!
We have always wanted to grow up so that we could go to different places and have the liberty to choose whatever we want. But, you have to face hundreds of problems if you have a kind of baby face or if mother nature has decided that you'll age late in life! If you're someone who is always asked about your age, welcome to the club!
We people look younger, which is obviously a very good thing. But, not as good as it seems. We have our own struggles too. The particulars mentioned here, are dedicated to all of you. So, sit back and enjoy laughing on these awkward and somewhat annoying things we have to go through, that too, only because we look younger than our age!

Struggles of People Looking Younger than They are!

That Familiar Expression

Those of you who fall in this category, are familiar with the shocked expression that you get on revealing your true age. After you tell people how old you actually are, they give you this expression of shock and surprise. They don't believe in you, as they don't think you are being honest about your age.

Your ID is your Best Friend

  • Your age is always questioned. And, you can go on with the instances you've faced because you look much younger than the others of your age.
  • You go for an Adult movie and all your friends get inside. But, you are stopped right there and asked for different age proofs to just prove your real age!
  • You don't get a drink so easily because they think you are a teenager. It doesn't stop there! It goes on to doubting the authenticity of your Id card. You just don't feel like going to the bar after so much of doubt, you know! You prefer sending your friend to get you a drink sometimes.
  • You enter a huge brand store to buy some formal clothes for yourself. You get so many shocked expressions that want to say you don't belong there. For them, you should go and check the kids' section.
  • You are mature enough to travel alone. You go on a solo trip. Everything's perfect until you go to book a room in the hotel. You're looked down and asked to wait till your parents arrive!
  • As you don't look as old as you really are, you are always asked to get your parents' consent or your age proof, in legal issues. Also, you have to face problems near the election booth.

Dating Problems

It is so funny to see young guys/girls hitting on you, just because they think you're of the same age. Another thing is that when you actually try to flirt with a guy/girl of your age, they get really weird. They think that some teenager is hitting on them!

Oh, So much Disrespect!

People who look younger than their age, have to work harder to prove themselves. They are easily disrespected or looked down upon. They might think of you as an intern, while the truth is that you're a working professional.

No Seriousness!

People look at you as if you are only a kid, and no one takes you seriously. They think you are too innocent to understand the hard realities of life, or that you are too young to decide things for yourself. Whatever you do to prove your point, nothing seems to work in your favor!

"Cute" is the Only Adjective!

That new haircut, that sexy short dress, and the glamorous makeup turns into a big failure! Because how much ever you try, you are going to be just 'cute'. Often, you wish to tell people that there are many adjectives other than "cute" that could be used for you. And it's annoying to hear others call you "sweetie" while every other woman is called "Ma'am"!

The Immense Protectiveness

Looking young doesn't mean that you are so young that you can't do anything by yourself! People around actually act protective towards you, as if you are their responsibility.
It happens not only with your friends but also with strangers. Some may even pity you and assume that you need help, when you actually don't.

You Have to Get Ready!

This may seem to be a nice thing but the all-natural is no option for you because you might probably look even younger. You need great clothes, nice hair, and uncomfortable shoes. You don't have the option of wearing something that is comfortable. You have to work much harder to get noticed!

"You'll love it when you're 40"!

You are always told this. The moment you tell your real age to people, you get this very heart-warming answer! Maybe you will have to hear this till you're 40 and no one will tell you how to cope up with it!

The Joke's on You!

If you have friends who love to fool around, you're going to be in many of the topics for their jokes! If you are short too, nothing will ever be of help. You're going to get trolled!

Other Situations that You can Relate to

  • You go for a job interview, and the interviewer is doubtful if such a "young" person can handle all the responsibilities.
  • That T-shirt you bought years ago, still fits you!
  • If you have tattoos, people ask you how you got it done at such an early age.
  • The same goes with marriage! They feel you may have been dragged into it, or that you have been married off at a very young age. Some may even think of you as a case of child marriage.
  • Many people ask you to guess their age! Come on people, not just because you failed in guessing mine!
While you may have felt embarrassed on many occasions and even cursed the fact that you don't look your age, the good thing is that you look young. A young look is what so many crave for, and you are blessed with exactly that. Isn't it great? Be young at heart and feel young, always. Cheers.