Are You An Introvert or Extrovert? - Quiz

Judging whether you or even someone else is an introvert or extrovert isn't as straightforward as it seems. The quiz in this SocialMettle write-up will help you out.
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Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Introverts are better ... writers, inventors, musicians, sculptors, etc.
Extroverts are better ... teachers, managers, politicians, comperes, etc.
Even though these are the basic traits that describe a person, they alone do not point towards someone being an introvert or extrovert. There are many finer points that come into play, and then of course, there is a high possibility that an individual is something of both, and falls in the category of being an ambivert. Having said all that, here are a bunch of questions that determine whether you are an extrovert, introvert, or an ambivert.
Are You An Introvert or Extrovert?
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1. In your school days, what did you do during the breaks in between classes?
  • You were a part of the games and activities that you loved, irrespective of who you were around with.
  • You were a part of the games and activities that your close friends were into.
  • You mostly kept to yourself, and did your own thing.
2. Your school reunion is coming up. What do you do?
  • Get together with your pals, and plan the entire thing out.
  • You do not involve yourself in the planning, but go for the reunion.
  • You do not answer calls regarding the meet, and do not go for the reunion either.
3. When in a group, how do you behave?
  • You mix around, have fun, and lead in jump starting the action.
  • You are relatively quiet, but enjoy everyone's company.
  • You prefer sitting in a corner all along, doing your own thing.
4. You are a part of an organized trek. What is your behavior like?
  • You remain close to the guide, ask questions, and give relevant suggestions.
  • You quietly remain a part of the group and go with the flow.
  • You break away from the group and trek by yourself.
5. You are invited to attend an important office party. What do you do?
  • You are really happy, since this is a good chance to mix with people who can give a push to your career.
  • You have mixed reactions, decide to go, but find a way out and leave early.
  • It's just not your cup of tea, and you decide against going by making up some excuse or the other.
6. While attending an office meeting, what is your behavior like?
  • You are enthusiastic and always at the front where sharing of ideas is concerned.
  • You prefer listening more than talking, though you have an occasional 'yes' and 'no' to add to the scheme of things.
  • It's like, by your behavior, hardly anyone even notices whether you were there or not!
7. You are required to come up with a solution to a problem, or some creative idea. What's the best way to achieve this?
  • Get everyone on board and have a productive brainstorming session.
  • You just discuss the matter with close friends and colleagues.
  • You need to be left alone. That's the only way you can come up with something substantial.
8. On your days off from work, what are you mostly seen doing?
  • Inviting friends over for the day or going out with them to have a blast.
  • Completing a few chores around the house, and then getting down to pursue a hobby.
  • Lying around reading a book or watching TV.
9. When you are lost and can't find an address, what do you end up doing?
  • You ask the first person you see for directions.
  • You keep looking around, and in the course of time, hesitantly ask someone for directions.
  • You simply continue trying to find your destination, and are too embarrassed to ask anyone for help.
10. When you are about to buy a car or a house, what do you do?
  • Involve family and friends in the procedure so that they too can check it out.
  • Take only your close friend or partner along and get things done.
  • Go to the showroom or the property all by yourself and fix the deal.
11. You could be a part of a meditation trip. What do you choose to do?
  • The thought itself puts you off.
  • You would consider it, as long as you have a close friend or two coming along.
  • This is so exciting. It's something you have been wanting to do since ages.
12. How do most people perceive you?
  • You are easily approachable and fun to be with.
  • You don't come across as someone who is open, but aren't too bad after all.
  • To even come up and converse with you, the other person would have to think twice.
13. At a musical concert or sporting event, how do you behave?
  • You are continuously cheering loudly and thoroughly enjoying every moment.
  • You remain seated, but enjoy the occasional laughs and cheers.
  • You prefer sitting quietly and enjoying the good moments by yourself.
14. In front of known and unknown people, if you are involved in an embarrassing situation, how do you pass it off?
  • You continue the act and make everyone see the lighter side of things.
  • You get slightly embarrassed and try to divert everyone's attention toward something else.
  • You get super embarrassed, just run off, and hide somewhere.
15. You are at a bar, and a former love interest walks in. How do you react?
  • Go up and have a nice, comfortable conversation with her/him.
  • You give her/him a smile as an acknowledgment.
  • You feel awkward and quickly leave the premises.
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Well-known Personalities
Keanu Reeves
J.K. Rowling
Albert Einstein
Johnny Depp
Angelina Jolie
Tom Hanks
John F. Kennedy
Napoleon Bonaparte
Oscar Wilde
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Henry Ford
Desmond Tutu
So, where do you fit in? Now, don't be too critical about yourself after you've seen your results. Being either an introvert or extrovert isn't a bad thing in itself. But, maybe you can just sit back and see if you need to do anything differently in life, which would make you a happier and successful person. That's the most important thing. Cheers!